Security Web Camera Motion Detector

Motion Detector - (Version 10.1 - October 2012)

Motion Detector captures images from a web camera when motion is detected. The detected images are stored on a hard drive, a memory stick, or sent to a remote server via Picasa).
Detect intruders in your home or someone coming to your house. Or just the Jehovah's Witnesses paying a visit!
Motion Detector can also do time-lapse image capture, or a combination of time-lapse and motion detection.

Descriptive video:

- Download and run the setup program to install the application.
- Read the Help File and FAQ to optimize the program for your use. It should start to work immediately.
- The program is free to use for 10 days, after that, a $5 "donation" to PayPal is required. Pretty cheap!
Some screen shots (click to enlarge):

No motion:

Motion detected:

Ignore an area:

Playback window (video link):

Web images using Picasa:

Ray Perkins

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