Welcome to the On-line HTML Test Area

This test area will evolve as I find new aspects of HTML to work on. If you are interested in this subject, you should Bookmark this file and come back from time to time to see whats new. The document will start with the Basic stuff and move on to Images and cover HTML extensions. I will include HTTP references. This paragraph has been composed within the 'center' Tag so we can see how this appears in your Browser. Currently I use a Lynx Browser and the Mosiac Browser. Anyway lets start the show.

HTML is made up of TAGS and if you are not familiar with them, you can come here to check them outHit Here

Use the "\" in Lynx to see this code

Level 1 heading

Level 2 heading

Level 3 heading

Level 4 heading

level 5 heading
Level 6 heading

You have 6 possible headings. Check where the itallics BROWSERs put them.

Below is the (HR) Horizontal Rule Tag which has attributes you can play with. You can specify the size,width and alignment of the line. Below is a size=14.

Some browsers react to a font size,the default being 3, and the size attribute can be a number from 1 to 7 or a relative number as in +4 to equal the seven. Here I specify the +4.
I put in a BReak Tag after the word '+4.' above. See how it breaks the line as opposed to the Paragraph Tag (p) that breaks and puts in a carriage return.
Is this Text Blinking ? And now a d1 line with an (EM) logical style ..Italics?

And now a d2 line with a para tag and a (code) tag ..Fixed width ?And a d3 line with no para tag and a (strong) tag ..for bold?

Check where these Lines go.
Also see Typewriter Text as demonstrated in this place here.

HWFN an example of a Definition List Tag where you can define for example the HWFN. You can say this is an organization dedicated to pulling the communnity togather etc.

      Using the pre tag

can make text            or characters appear where you put them



And you can use 'highlighting' within the pre tag.

And now the blockquote tag. Some browsers may indent this.

Using the paragraph tag will give a new line but keep it all togather.

The Image Area

In this area we will work with positioning images and text. We have a little "ibm_pc.gif" file that is alligned left (a 'new' floating image ) and has the words "Oh Boy a PC Image if you hit" showing for those who can not see the image. Lets see how it works.

Oh Boy a PC Image if you hit

Now using the same "imb_pc.gif" image, we can give it the left alignment, and put "some text etc..." in the following line. This text should appear to the right of the PC image. Note we have added a 'border' to the image and specified an 'hspace=value' of 20.Check this out.

A PC some text etc...about the PC
A PC The Image is Aligned=right/Text should be to the left and the hspace=4.
A PC The Image is Alligned=middle/Text should be Under ?

Future Development References

A Dolphin Thumbnail Picture(1x1 ?)Align=Middle,border=1,vspace=25,width=100,height=150
Hang Glider A Hang Glider bottom align with border=1, width="200,height="250"/note the quotes/different than above ?
What do we get here ? A border=10/ hspace=7/ center align. Actually a Picture of Pink Lake in Gatineau Park.

Is the bgcolor Yellow and the text in black ? Also NOTE the Body Tag can go anywhere, it does not need to be at the Top of the file.

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