John Brearley

90 Paul Dr, Lanark, Ontario, Canada, K0G-1K0
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Career Profile

Extensive experience in telecommunications software development / operations for test automation, software configuration management, Wireless 802.11n, Ethernet L2/L3, Frame Relay, ATM, Residential Broad Band HFC, DMS Virtual Captive Office, Key Telephone Systems, ISDN, Network Management, Packet Switching, and IBM SNA/TokenRing/Bisync protocols. Highly energetic individual with proven commitment to quality improvement. Proactive in anticipating and resolving issues with a focus on getting job done.

Business Experience

CompuCorps, Ottawa, Software Automation Volunteer 2013 - present

Wrote powershell script that does out-of-box test of web browsers, MS Office, Open Office and other applications on the RPK image installed on the refurbished PC. Does battery life test for laptops.

Broadcom Corp, San Jose, Senior Software Development 2008 - 2012

Built PB4A & PB6B for 4311NIC, 4322 USB & 43231 USB dongles, also 4325 SDIO dongle. Built PB5B for 4315 USB & 4315 SDIO dongles. Visio diagrams of testrigs kept up to date, used as starting template by other people. Upgraded UTF setup documentation. Daily reports analyzed, issues escalated as needed, wrote 96 PRs, and closed 82 PRs. Found sustained bimodal and sharp drop performance issues in both 4322 & 4315 dongles. Upgraded scripts to support 15-minute iperf performance tests. Tuned testrigs for maximum throughput. Documented phone booth tuning process. 4322USB dongle designers come to me for performance numbers.

Wrote UTF DHDUSB.tcl, the object & methods to support Linux USB dongles. Wrote Sanity.test for basic testing of most testrigs and interface to other scripts. Runs tests on most testrigs without additional guidance from user. For larger testbed, user can specify connection lists in config file or on command line. Improved error checking, all command line data validated up front. Has more flexible build selection allowing any AP stream/date and any STA stream/date. Wrote DongePktFilter.test to test SIP Invite feature. Qualified and integrated the hping tool into UTF.

Wrote SigBatch on my own initiative. Provides point/click browser GUI on top of existing UTF test scripts using PERL and Java Script. Manages the interactions with SGE batch environment, automatically updates with ongoing changes to scripts and testrig configuration files. GUI shows estimated test time as user makes choices for the available test options.

Wrote TestbedReboot.test on my own initiative. Takes all PC in testbed, shuts them down and reboot them to initialize testbed. PC are processed in parallel, so that total time taken is that of slowest PC. Retries for failures occur automatically. There were times when driver in TOT would mess up the PC and the following tests for PBR would fail as a result. This new script resolved the above issue.

Wrote proposal to turn on laptops after power off. Documented laptop power button modification process for 16 laptop models. Built 24+ custom relay assemblies. Added power control routines to UTF to power off a PC, turn on power and wait for OS to load. My testrigs now have full remote power control of all PC. Helped equip CBT with full remote power control for 20+ PC. Reproduced random failures with NPC22 power controller.

Created multiboot clone disks for Dell D430, Dell D630, Dell T3400, HP6510B, HP6515B, HP6715B, HP6910P, PixelUSA D445, and PixelUSA DQ645. Sorted out cloning software needed for various PC & documented what works. Evaluated and qualified 2 serial port terminal servers, from Lava and Lantronix. Worked with Lava support folks to successfully resolve a data transparency issue. Ordered toolsets & multimeters for group use, 12 PixelUSA desktop PCs, 41 Dell laptops, 20 HP laptops for new testbeds, Synaccess power controllers, spare hard drives, SFP modules, power cables, maintained good supply of laptops for unforeseen test needs.

Broadcom Corp, San Jose, SQA Automation Engineer 2006 - 2007

Wrote new TCL testcases for Broadcom's Software Development Kit (SDK) for MLD, port control & cable testing, OS robustness, Broadcom FP TCAM meters/counters & tests for specific bug reports. Helped convert existing testcase from the hand-crafted manual TCL-C bindings to SWIG, rewrote most of the testcase common routines for the SWIG environment.

Resolved the random testcase failure issue that had been occuring for years. Added new test capability to the home-grown test harness to allow for stress testing of selected testcases, automatic retry of failure, stop testing on failure of selected tests, etc. Some issues were isolated to timing issues in the SDK, some issues were defective hardware in the lab test bed, some issues were variations in chip behavior due to board level issues & other issues were badly written testcases with faulty assumptions.

Of my own initiative, fully automated the input of off-shore bug reports, weekly generation of bug trend graphs & statistics. Tools were written in PERL which simulate a web browser client using HTTP access to the bug report database.

I managed testing by 2 off-shore groups of the WSS 1.1.2 SOHO Ethernet L2 switching product, condensed off-shore test results into meaningful summary, identified weak points in the off-shore test plan coverage, drove issues of tester productivity, expedited equipment shipments, reviewed all incoming bug reports for clarity & priority, handed the project off after aquisition of LVL7 Systems.

Sailing on East Coast, Florida & Bahamas 2005 - 2006

Spent 2 months upgrading my 40' sailboat with more cruising gear.

Departed from Kingston, Lake Ontario, went down the Oswego NY canal system to New York city harbour, then along the East Coast to Delaware Bay, across the canal to Chesapeake Bay, down the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW) all the way to Key West, Florida, back up to Miami, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, down the Berry Island chain to Nassau, then down the Exuma Island chain to Georgetown.

Stored the boat on land in North Carolina to avoid hurricanes, total trip distance of 3800 Nautical miles / 4400 Statute miles in 7 months.

Early Career Synopsis
EdenTree Technologies, Automation & Field Application Engineer 2003 - 2005
Alcatel, ATM Development Technologies 2000 - 2002
Alcatel, Automation Testing and Load Builds 1999 - 2000
Nortel, Passport SNA DLR Development & Lab 1997 - 1999
Nortel, IBB Data Products CPE Software Development 1995 - 1997
BNR, DMS VCO Deployment & Operations Support 1995
BNR, DMS VCO Project 1994
BNR, Norstar & Companion Operations 1991 - 1993
BNR, DMS System Integrity Quality Improvement 1991
BNR, DMS ISDN Testing 1990
BNR, DMS-100 Feature & ISDN Testing 1989 - 1990
BNR, DPN OAM System Admin & ISDN Development 1988 - 1989
BNR, DPN IBM Protocols Development 1986 - 1988
BNR, DPN Customer Network Action Team 1985 - 1986
Nortel, SL-10 Customer Release Testing 1983 - 1985

Detailed 11-page resume is available at:

Masters of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering, University of British Columbia. 1978
Bachelor of Engineering, Honors Electrical Engineering, McGill University. 1976
Patents: (US) 5,023,780 & (Can) 1,309,764 for the work in SNA and packet switching.
Publications: Masters thesis appeared in Intl. Journal of Control & Mathematical Biosciences.
Languages: Oral French is very good, English is my native language.
Hobbies: sailboat cruising, playing computer games.

Updated: 2013/12/27