What people are saying about the ultimate tribute to Pink Floyd !

"I met you at Rock & Roll Heaven a few months ago,
Just want to tell you that you guys are absolutely amazing, it was truly the best show I have ever seen.
I was so impressed that Lisa and I are bringing a bunch of friends down to see you in Burlington , I live in Whitby but have no problem driving that distance to see an amazing show again.
We are so looking forward to seeing you guys perform again.  And I know our friends will be as impressed as we were. See you soon ."  Graham Scott  - big fan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             "KQQL man n da talk @ RnR Heaven iz ur band iz one of dee BEZT tribute bandz ever ta play dere dude!!" - Jackie Lynn

Outstanding professional performance by all !!!!!. (and that's an understatement.) That place should have been packed to the rafters...Well I'm spreading the word to everyone I know.
 Your individual enthusiasm and cohesive positive stage presence is extremely professional. Your individual talents shine out!
Thank you for a great evening! My wife and I will return, and bring our friends.  Colin - Mississauga

"I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of "Think Freud".   All the main players are incredibly Floyd-like, and hearing Janna do her best Claire Torrey impersonation on "Great Gig in the Sky" was a special treat.  My 11 year old son even gave it a big "thumbs up", and he listens to nothing but Linkin' Park.  A must-see for any Floyd fan.   Mark Hebscher CHCH TV

"Please extend my warmest thanks to the entire Think Freud Band and Crew.  You were a pleasure to work with and I personally can say that you have just become my favorite club band.  You all did a fantastic job and you had me singing all evening.  I talked to a lot of the customers that have never seen the band before and the feedback was excellent.  I think you've just gained a new fan base.  All the best and continued success.  You all deserve it."  Andy - The Boston Manor Burlington

"Wow, I'm impressed!  They just keep getting better.  This new line-up kicks......."  Steve - Ottawa

"These guys are really good.  The drummer was just fantastic and the guitar player was unbelievable.  Played lap-steel guitar and everything....the whole band are incredible musicians."  Brian - Midland

"It was a lot of fun last night....I really enjoyed the band!"  Aileen - Burlington

"Janna, you rock girlfriend!  Great Gig is always the highlight of the night for me."  Carol - Burlington

"Thanks for the great show at Johnny B's on Saturday, you guys rock!
After Saturday it was pretty clear you guys are the real deal. I look forward to bringing more friends to your next show in Durham and would love to hear you do some pre-Meddle Floyd ! Take care"
   Neil - Durham

" These guys are awesome.  The sax player was just wailing....amazing!"  Greg -Mississauga

"We really enjoyed last night's show at Healey's.  I think I have seen about 5 of your shows.  We usually sit up close.  One of my daughters is also a big fan. I did not see Roger Waters but I know I would not have had as much fun as we did last night.  Thanks to all of the band for another great show".  Mike - Toronto

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