Hi Charles,


Hope things are going good for you. Just want to say Copper is the best dog I have ever had especially at this stage of my life. Charles he has a good head on him and he is very very quick for a large 10 month old dog. Very good with people and has prey drive for deer...rabbits.. squirrels that you would not believe and has a chance at them every day. The local golf course want to hire him and me to chase the geese off the the course and he does an amazing job at that. Thanks again for a wonderful dog.




COPPER IS A 95 LB 10 Month old Male. His Parents are EIK v.d. Woelfen & TRISHA Barnero.You can view their photos by selecting MALES or FEMALES at the left. COPPER is also a full brother to TUNDRA von Lindenhof owned by Jim Bae.