Hi Charles,


Eli (Mr. Blue) is absolutely wonderful, what a beautiful personality. I just wanted to let you know he is doing well. He's great at going outside (loves digging in the sand) and is eating well. What a gorgeous boy he is. I have attached 2 pictures, one is of him in our shoe basket at the back door, we keep shoes and jackets there for when we take him out, he has chosen it as where he sleeps during the day. The other is with him and Payton, he is so gentle with her. We have our books and are getting into reading them, Todd said he would try to finish them and then let you know so we can decide what the best route would be with the training. Todd mentioned I needed to give you 3 names for his registration. His call name, Eli, would be nice to be included but I would like him to be known that he came from your kennel by his names, is there a way of doing that? Do you have any ideas? Something from Trisha or Gerro possibly? I don't really know the process.


I will talk to you soon, get well,





Eli (Mr. Blue)