Lindenhof Reg’d

Charles Schmidt

804 Stewartville Rd.

RR 2, Arnprior

Ontario, K7S 3G8



Judith Anne Davies-Tripp

138 Carillon Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1L 5Y3


January 29, 2005



Charles Schmidt,


I am writing to thank you for allowing me to purchase one of your wonderful puppies. 


Since I purchased my shutzhund puppy whom I have called Shelby from your Kennels a little over a year ago she has never had any health problems. Actually she is the healthiest dog I have ever had the privilege of owning. She is strong and active.  Her bones are well knit together, her eyes are bright and intelligently expressive, she is lively and happy.


My Shelby has a temperament of gold. She is so loving, essentially gentle and kind. To say that she is a real sweet heart is an apt description of her fundamental nature. Even so, Shelby is a genuine protector and a true guardian.  In fact, she has already saved my life on several occasions.  Recently a frightening looking man tried to trap me in a park and Shelby came bounding out of a corner in the park and frightened the predator away.


I would trust my dog Shelby with any child or infant of mine.  She simply loves children and she is generally very friendly both with people and other animals. However, in true shutzhund style she will defend me and our property.


I believe that it is your breeding practices that has helped to produce such a great guardian, protector and true friend such as my beautiful Shelby girl.



Best regards,

Judith Anne Davies-Tripp