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I have compiled a list of lists, to make your searching a bit more efficient. This page, started in April 1998, has records in no particular order; it gets expanded and becomes more structured as time goes on.  I try to keep it up to date.

Good starting places... - Arnie Lang's great introduction - for USA - FAQs about searching- USA
For Basic Genealogy... - Robert Ragan's Basic Genealogy Site

Detailed lists and availabilities are now becoming available, and this page is becoming redundant; see:

pre 1850 Canadian lists: A fast-growing set of lists, indexed by date and port of departure; many lists are "off site" but it's easy to see if your port timeframe or particular manifest is listed; ports of departure are worldwide.Searchable by surname. A great site. Run by the The Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, started in late '98; there are 40+ lists for Glasgow; even an 1848 listing for South Uist, Scotland. About 8000 ships lists available. Their COMPASS page has a search engine.Co-ordinator Patty MacFarlane Prather, does a great job. - Searchable name access (primarliy USA). Has ship to all places- incl Australia. Lists many other useful sites - a major work of Sue Swiggum who is a relentless and seemingly untiring historian of Canadian immigrant ship arrivals. Keeps getting updated; a CD is available for purchase, too.. - Chris Gaunt's pages of Ship Passenger List info - one of the best sites. US - oriented - A short list (like this one) of sources for ships from Scotland. - Alan Tupman's site with specific ships lists to many destinations - ships to Philadelphia USA, by year, with European pick-up points listed - mostly from Rotterdam. Really useful set of lists; so far 70 vessels 1727-1738; growing. - UK biased, only 8 ship lists, but also general information on UK shipping - - Use the #1 search "Ships lists" to give Irish National Archives pages with passenger lists main page : details of immigrant passenger list microfilms held by the US National Archives; explains how you can get a copy. Nqeeds a lot of patience. - Arnie Lang's pre-1820 to the US page, last updated Dec 2002. . Also To US 1820- 1890 and post 1891. Lots how how-to info, also. Really great site. - Addie Morrisey's interesting site - over 100 URL's to find Pass List and related info. - A really great site by Marj Kohli. Lots of info on vessels to Canada. Lots of URLs to other sites. Keeps on growing. - and - A web index of Canadian archives available in the National Library in Ottawa - you can get a microfiche index on loan. If you live in Canada/ may be able to get the reel by inter-library loan. The site has been re-vamped and is now very slow to navigate - lots of patience needed!! was - Early ships to New France. - R. Prost's detailed index, like this one, of indexes, but of three types: marine archives (e.g.Cunard), individual voyages, and pass list holdings. Details to purchase a commercial CD containing 2.7m+ passengers on vessels to the US - to year 1940. - Harold Ralston's excellent site. A mixture of lists and an index - such as this one - with name searchg capability .  And . . . - from Scots-Irish rootsweb list - mostly to North America . - Myra Gormley's introduction -mainly US - very useful. Takes you to the archive of the listserv The Ships List-D Digest. Many specific questions - and some answers. Gets updated. Not for the faint hearted. See  Slow to load, but very detailed listings for all parts ofthe world. A commercial genealogist's listing, many Canadian, but with good intoductory information. - Detailed list for Australia to year 1910; lists passengers by alpha-indexed surname, rather than by vessel; leads to a commercial page. - an on-line help webpage for Australian searchers of passenger lists. The main page of this Adelaide group is at and - an excellent summary listing of many lists from Ireland (and Liverpool). Summary lists to off-site pages for 150+ vessels by year, port, vessel name, etc. Slow to load. - A great Site for Irish ships to USA; over 200 vessels pass lists, mostly 1800 -1900. Good other Irish Immigrantinfo. Slow to load but just great. - may help with convict ships to Australia - no actual passenger lists - Deb Beavis' great list for 1909-1914 to Australia and NZ from the UK. Rumour has it that you need IE4 to read this! - ships from Britain to Victoria, Australia 1852-59 - a great searchable list by the State of Victoria Archives. - a commercial site from Kathryn Lucas; it provides access to some pass.lists of Australian convict ships. Alan Tupman's lists - all from Ireland, mostly to NewYork - 180 vessel entries from 1677to 1903. UK records - Kew, London - detailed arrivals lists to UK from New York, 1878 to 1960, not indexed. Search in caralgue for "passenger lists" & "board of trade". Index shows only the document title and scope. Detailed access is either by site visit or payemnt for on-line detailed PDF file. - Lori Fox's commercial site; has a searchable copy of National Archives of Canada Miscellaneous Immigration.Really good genealogical information for emigrants to Canada in the18th and 19th centuries. Main database is free; nominal charge for a record. National Archives did not begin archiving pass. lists until 1865 Quebec. Access to 20+ pass lists to P.E.I.Canada (5+ off-site) plus a detailed listing of print articles in PEI magazines; Lou Alfano's Database of Ship Description's and Histories - not pass lists, but detailed background on the vessels.

Immigrants to USA: Ellis Island:

A search offer - A US local library has acquired a Passenger and Immigration List Index: this is NOT a set of ship passenger lists, but it tells you passenger name, age and destination. The library is asking a US$3 donation for this service.Lee would be happy to do look ups.e-mail Lee Woods 16-March-99

One of the basic hard-copy book texts for Oz and NZ is by A Nichols, in two Volumes: Log of Logs - A catalogue of logs, journals, shipboard diaries, letters and all forms of voyage narratives, 1788 to 1993 - for Australian and New Zealand and surrounding oceans. - publisher - Roebuck books.

Details about Ship Pass Lists in the PRO London,England ; no actual lists.

Another book, for US travel: Passengers to America by Michael Tepper, Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore 1988. Mainly UK to America passenger lists from late 1600s to 1900+.

If you know the Arrival port and year, the LDS may well have a microfilm for most known arrivals - North America East coast ports..Check out your local Church of Jesus Christ & Latter Day Saints Family History Library.

The book The Ship's Locator by Robert Jackson identifies over 2,000 vessels which sailed the Atlantic from the1820 - 99.Lloyds Register of Ships (there's an incomplete list of libraries with holdings) is a wealth of vessel information. In 1969,The Gregg Press reprinted the surviving volumes of Lloyd's Register for 1764-1888, and microfilm copies of the registers for 1776-1880 are also currently available..

Another source is the article Fife Emigrants and their Ships - Part I: Australia and New Zealand - published in the Scottish Genealogist Vol XLIII, (1996) Issue ii p42. Some LDS libraries may have copies of this.

Scots Whaling Ships - Dundee etc.-Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada has a good selection of ships logs and crew lists.

Glazier, Ira A. Filby, P. William Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U. S. Ports: October 1876 - September 1878 - a series of books - comes in over 30 volumes - includes entries of those boarding at UK ports- e.g. Southampton

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