For more than 10 years now, our office located in the West Island of Montreal, supervised by Myriam Réty, has had only one goal in sight: offering quality translation and revision services in all fields of expertise.

We translate English and French in both language directions, but we also revise English and French.

Our team is there for you and our know-how will fulfill all your translation and revision needs for all types of documents: brochures, contracts, manuals, letters, web pages or any other document.

The quality of our service is our priority. Our professionals will put all their energy in analyzing and understanding the special needs of each of our clients in order to guide them towards the solution that best fits their expectations.

Just the right words

Our clients include large organizations, and various companies, associations, institutions and private individuals.

Our concern for quality and customer service will bring you:

HIGH QUALITY translation and revision services in many varied fields such as: marketing, advertising, press, legal, human resources, labor legislation, economy, business management, education, environment, real estate, tourism, food and services, fashion, architecture, construction, agriculture, art, industry, transport and logistics, and many others. We translate and edit all types of communication medium: marketing brochures, web sites, press reviews, technical manuals, flyers, contracts, ads, reports, business correspondence, PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, etc.
For larger projects, we work with other translators carefully selected for their diplomas and experience in specific fields.
In order to ensure the best quality, our own team of copy editors will revise all translations before delivering them to you.

A FAST service delivered within the set deadlines or even before. We guarantee the delivery of documents translated or revised at the date and time set when your order was received. We work on your project as soon as we get it and we will keep you informed on the work in progress while making sure to meet your deadlines or even deliver the work before.

 A CLOSE COLLABORATION with the client. Concerned about offering our clients a high quality personalized service, we always keep in mind the individual needs of every client such as the deadlines, the format of the document (PC or Mac), the means of delivery, respecting the technical terminology the client uses and all specific wishes our client may have.

Collaboration based on TRUST. For us, a successful collaboration starts with a relationship based on trust between all parties. We know how confidential the information in your documents can be and we guarantee we will treat it with the best possible care and the utmost confidentiality.

The cover letter:

How to write a cover letter?
What is the goal of a cover letter?

Your cover letter or letter of interest must be efficient and precise in order to submit your application with your curriculum vitae. This letter should be carefully written in order to prompt the recruiter to read your curriculum vitae. That is why it should be done with special care in order to fit well with the style of your curriculum vitae.
We will take into account your profile and the specific fields of activities in which you want to succeed in order to prepare templates of letters you can then 
adapt to the job offer and the company you are targeting.

The curriculum vitae:

This document tells the story of your professional life and must be the best publicity for your application. It should get you an interview but also put you in a good position during this meeting.
We have been professionals in recruitment and placement for more than 17 years and we know all the tricks but we never forget the human factor and your professional background.
We will also provide you with real coaching and point out what you should pay attention to in order to help you with future meetings and negotiations.
Our goal is that this teamwork will get you not only a job but also a career that fits your expertise.

For more information,

please contact us at: mrety@bell.net



Before we start a job, we send you a written estimate of the cost as well as the agreed delivery date. This estimate is free and adapted to your request without any commitment on your part. 
We will only start working when we get your consent on our conditions and your order confirmation.


The rates for translations and revisions are calculated on several criteria like the number of words in the original document (for translations), the terminology level and the deadline. Repetitions are not included in the word count.
We offer a very competitive special rate based on volume.
For an estimate do not hesitate to contact us at: mrety@bell.net
We will reply to you as soon as possible and generally within the next hour.

Our rates are very competitive. Why? Because we want to offer affordable services but also a very high quality service thanks to a team of professionals in their field that is human resources and translation. Our policy is: the client before all!
Contact us at: mrety@bell.net or by phone (see “Contact us”).


We offer you the chance to make your application more dynamic during an interview by working with you on your presentation and your oral arguments. The approximate length of this individual training session is 2 hours and it is available only with an appointment.
Reserve at: mrety@bell.net


Postal address:

131 Empress Avenue
Pointe-Claire (Quebec) H9R 1P5

Telephone: (514) 694-3854
Fax: (514) 694-3851
E-mail:    mrety@bell.net

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.

After business hours or during the weekend please contact us by email at mrety@bell.net 
or by fax at (514) 694-3851


We are always looking for translators and copy editors with appropriate diploma and experience. If you would like to join our team, please send us your application at mrety@bell.net
Please indicate “application” in the subject line.mailto:mrety@bell.netmailto:mrety@bell.netmailto:mrety@bell.netshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2