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Philippa Painting

A qualified York Region professional artist and teacher with over 10 years experience. Commissions accepted.

Price list is available on request. 

Any painting may be purchased by contacting Philippa by email ( or telephone (905 727-3621). 
I apologize but we cannot guarantee that a particular painting has not already been sold. 
I accept certified personal cheques, money orders and cash. Paintings can be shipped, at customer's expense. 

Philippa's Portrait


Philippa Hajdu

Philippa spent her formative years in Aurora, moving to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design, and graduating with honours.

She followed this up with a year of study at École des Beaux Arts in Montreal and another year of studying sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art in London England.


Acrylic 24" x 30"
Images and ideas arise spontaneously from the core of my being. My main inspiration comes from nature.
Much of my artwork reflects my concern for the environment. During the creative process I access the intuitive part of myself.

Crantoch 1940
Acrylic Collage 18" x 24"
Before the war we went to Cornwall every summer holidays.
I was very close to my father and here we are together enjoying the surf


Summer of 1948
 Acrylic Collage 36" x 28"
In the fall of 1948, my family emigrated to Canada.
That summer we had a family reunion at my grandmother’s farm in England.
I have many fond memories from this time.
This painting was created from an old family photograph.


Artistic Experience

Public Aquisitions



Americian Goldfinches  

Acrylic 12" x 12"  


Hibiscus 2  

Mixed Media 12" x 12"  


Hibiscus 1  

Mixed Media 12" x 12"  



Mixed Media 20" x 36"  

Carnival Parade  

Mixed Media 15" x 30"  


Red Silk Cotton Tree  

Mixed Media 12" x 12"  


Red Silk Cotton Flowers  

Mixed Media 9" x 12"  


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