Find your new favorite seaside destination and discover Shoreline 303!

Wave-crushing sounds, organic melodica licks, analog leads and lush, layered synth pads give this nautical-theme album a unique, cross-genre vibe: a fusion of downtempo electronica, retro synth pop and cinematic ambient soundscapes. Tracks are steeped in deep dub techno flavor yet, the music feels much warmer and more colorful than most, typical dub techno tracks. Rather than invoking images of grey skies and fog-covered seas, music on this album transport a listener to a sunny beach, with warm sand and fragrant air.

This is a third and final piece of nautical-theme trilogy. Be sure to check out Out of Thin Air and Phantom Vessel.

Also, keep an eye for number of exclusive Dubtrak tracks on V.A. compilations.

Spotlight on other projects

Check out this nearly hour-long mix of Dubtrak's music spanning across many albums, as remixed by Intersonic Subformation (my other project - in essence: own remixes). I hope you'll find it interesting to hear how one's own creation sounds very different once dissected, re-assembled, and re-imagined with a different mindset and musical sensibilities.


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