St. Anthony of Padua (1835) Centreville, ON|  Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary(1906) Enterprise, ON| Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1847) Erinsville, ON
4118 County Rd 4, RR 1 Centreville, Ontario|                 659 Church St. RR 1 Enterprise, Ontario |                  6046 County Rd 41 Erinsville, Ontario      


Rev. Stéphane Pouliot
P.O. Box 239, Tamworth, On K0K 3G0
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Parish record searches
Assistance with Parish Record searches will be available for Church of the Assumption, Erinsville,
St. Anthony of Padua, Centreville &
Annunciation of Mary, Enterprise
at the parish office at 6056 County Rd 41, Erinsville
Please call and set up an appointment if you wish to view records 


Please note:
There are some limitations on the types of records and information that will be released, particularly if the individual being researched is still living.

Sacramental records post-1910 are not open for public examination. Requests for baptismal records after 1910 must be accompanied by additional information.

The applicant must disclose his/her relationship to the individual subjects of research and signed authorization of living parties must be submitted. These practices are in conformity with the current practices of the government of Ontario.

Requests for marriage records prior to 1920 may be accessed.

Marriage records after 1921 are not open for public examination except by the bride and groom and their children (natural or adoptive).

All information relating to the original identity of an adopted child and the natural parents of the child shall remain confidential under all circumstances in conformity with the law of Ontario.

This applies to all information obtained by the Church after an adoption order has been made.