Despite the temptation to post every single
item I've ever written starting with that
love letter to Greg in first grade, my web
designers told me to keep things simple or
I'd have to pay them more. Way more.

So to the right you'll find links to a few
samples of my article-writing work and
websites I've provided copy for - most of
my advertising copy clients ask that I keep
things confidential so they look good and I
get steady work. Click on the images for
the files to open. As for the rest, here is
a list of where some of my articles have

          • Elevate
          • Homemakers
          • Performance in Motion
          • The Toronto Star
          • The Toronto Visitor Guide
          • URmagazine
          • and several Romance Writers
              of America chapter newsletters


Tech it out! This article in URmagazine
shows BlackBerry owners how to customize their pride and joy.


My buzz marketing experience turned
into a feature article in Homemakers


My column in Performance in Motion
magazine is about being married
to a car nut.


A straightforward website for Madrock
Design, a packaging design production


An online oasis connecting clients to
Elisa Peterson, a Certified Qigong
Instructor, and the benefits of





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