Your goal:
To have words that work for your needs.


My goal:
To create ideas and words that engage, inform and influence—no matter what the audience or deadline.


Sounds like we’re on the same page already. Excellent.


Since you’ve come all this way, there’s something you should know: I used to be a project manager in a past life. So I’ll treat your project plan with the respect it deserves—just as long as I can focus on the writing. Here’s what I can do for you:


Idea Generation/Brainstorming
• Advertising Copy
• Advertorials
• Articles
• Press Releases
• Song Parodies
• Website content



All services are offered on or off site (I'll work in Maui; go ahead, book my flight!)
and can be quoted on a project or hourly rate basis.


Click here to get in touch with me about your project.