“Bonnie's wit and insight into the automotive widow's viewpoint brings us regular
accolades...plus she meets her deadlines faithfully.”

–Bob McJannett, Editor/Publisher, Performance in Motion


“She can stick to brand standards, budgets and timelines, even while Boney M is playing.”

–Belinda Baugniet, Web Manager, Tourism Toronto


“Thanks again – you make my job easy.”

–Chantel Simmons, Editor, Elevate Magazine


“She once ate 39 packages of hot dogs to try to win a car.”

–Michael Barrett, Communications Director, Sentry Select


“She’s a delight to work with. And her fun, informative articles are a hit with our readers.”

–Sandra Campbell, Past Publisher, Women Can Do Anything


“Bonnie doesn’t kill with kindness, she murders with mirth.”

–Marie-Josée LeBlond, Loyalty Marketing Director, Hudson’s Bay Company





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